Life: Personal vs. Professional

•July 16, 2009 • 6 Comments

In today’s world widening gap in relationship reason behind lack of balance between in Personal and professional life but who is responsible for it whether it is the husband or wife working. Nobody can be blamed …right?

The growing pressure of workplace in to exceed performance and raise of disappointment from the side of the family lack of time for them. Everyone has trouble keeping personal and professional lives apart and even together too. We are human beings after all, and it is but natural that our personal and professional halves merge into one whole, in spite of our best efforts and intentions. The real problem arises only when one half starts hampering the effective functioning of the other. For example, when things are not going too well on the professional front, our work suffers.

One has to learn to be emotionally mature and not over react, to personal/ work situations and pressures……these things looks good when we read it or tell anyone or everyone, but if it comes to you, it looks so bookish….isn’t it?  At work, understand that any criticism is probably not personal, but professional, but what how will you behave when your life partner is not only attached with you personally but professionally too. It is like you can’t complain to a person 24hours a day….. or logically 16hrs (deducting sleep time 🙂 ). At office you are complaing & at home also, and the other one might also be in the same situation. Who will give advices in this situation…. or we can say who will support?

You will be able to handle things better if you condition yourself to be professionally involved but emotionally detached, as far as your work is concerned. It is easier said than done though, if you happen to hate your job; the trick is to identify yourself more with your profession and less with the company or with the situation, coz you never know how other ppl are going through.

But don’t you think that It is impossible for a person to change his personality and be one kind of person at home and a different one at the office? And if you are not behaving differently how will you balance then?

Sometimes I feel like wife & husband should not be in same profession, else full life they will talk only about their work, pressure, favourism,bosses……but on the other side i feel it is good to be in same profession, atleast one can understand the pressure other is facing, we can understand the late working hours, business trips etc.

But in both the cases Life is not balanced………….